Best time to post on TikTok: Perfect TikTok Post Schedule

Maximize your TikTok engagement by learning the optimal times to post. Discover the best days, hours, and even minutes to post for maximum reach and engagement. Learn now and boost your TikTok success!

Want to make the most of your TikTok account? Learn how to create a TikTok Post Schedule that maximizes engagement and reach. TikTok, the newest social media app to take the world by storm, is a fantastic way to share your creative material with the rest of the world. But when is the optimum time to post on TikTok in order to get the most exposure? And how can you ensure that as many people as possible view your posts?

We'll address those questions and more in this article so you can get the most out of your TikTok experience. Because most people use TikTok for fun, the optimum time to publish is when people are most likely to be exploring the app.

This usually indicates late at night or early in the morning. There is some variance, though, based on your location and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) zone. Influencer Marketing Hub has compiled a list of the best times to publish on TikTok by day and time zone:

Best Time to Post on TikTok

Perfect TikTok Post Schedule

Day of WeekTime 1Time 2Time 3
Mon6:00 a.m.10:00 a.m.10:00 p.m.
Tue2:00 a.m.4:00 a.m.9:00 a.m.
Wed7:00 a.m.8:00 a.m.11:00 p.m.
Thu9:00 a.m.12:00 a.m.7:00 p.m.
Fri5:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.3:00 p.m.
Sat11:00 a.m.7:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.
Sun7:00 a.m.8:00 a.m.4:00 p.m.

Of course, they are only guidelines. To get the most accurate notion of when to post on TikTok, try different times and discover what works best for you and your audience. It is also important to evaluate the type of material you are posting. For example, if you're posting funny videos, you should post them when people are likely to be in a good mood and searching for a chuckle.

In 7 Ways, Determine The Right Time To Post On Tiktok

You should keep a few things in mind while deciding the optimum time to post on TikTok. Here are seven pointers to assist you determine when to post for optimum exposure:

1. Think About Your Time Zone

When posting on TikTok, you must keep your time zone in mind. If you are in a different time zone than your followers, your post may not be seen when you planned. You can avoid this by using a scheduling service that allows you to schedule your postings ahead of time.

Consider the time difference between you and your followers: When posting, keep the time difference between you and your followers in mind. Your readers may not see your post material till later if you are in different time zones.

2. Try Out Different Days And Times

Experimenting with different days and times is the best approach to figure out when to post on TikTok. Try posting at various times of the day and on various days of the week. Determine what works best for you and your target audience.

Assume you're attempting to figure out the optimum time to post on your TikTok account (or how to repost on TikTok) to get the most visibility. To accomplish this, you should:

Experiment with different days and hours: Post at various times of the day and on various days of the week. Determine what works best for you and your target audience.

3. Take The Type Of Content You're Posting Into Consideration

When determining the optimal time to post on a TikTok account, the type of content you're posting should be considered. For example, if you're posting funny videos, you should do so when people are likely to be in a good mood and searching for a good laugh. If you're posting instructive videos, on the other hand, you'll want to post when people are most likely to be in a learning mentality.

4. Key In On Your Analytics

Pay close attention to your stats after you begin posting on TikTok on a regular basis. This will give you a decent indication of when your movies are being watched and interacted with the most. You can then begin to change your posting times accordingly.

Go to the "Me" page and select the "Data" option to access your TikTok analytics. You'll be able to check how many views and likes you're getting, as well as the average viewing time for your films, in this section.

5. Be Aware Of When Your Followers Are Most Active.

In addition to monitoring your own metrics, it's a good idea to monitor when your followers are most active on other social media networks. This can help you predict when individuals are most likely to see and interact with your content.

6. Make Use Of Scheduling Tools To Your Benefit

There are a number of scheduling tools available to assist you in timing your TikTok uploads for optimal exposure. Using these tools, you can eliminate the guesswork associated with determining the optimal time to post on TikTok.

Later, for example, is a popular scheduling application that lets you create a posting schedule and publish your TikTok movies ahead of time. You can even schedule your posts to go live at a specified time and date with Later.

7. Be Flexible And Ready To Adjust Your Posting Times

Finally, it's critical to be adaptable and ready to change your posting schedules as needed. The optimal time to post on TikTok varies according on the day and week.

Being adaptable will allow you to locate the sweet spot for your material and ensure that you get the maximum exposure possible.

Assume you're experimenting with posting times and discover that your material performs best on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. You may not always be able to post at that precise time. Don't worry if you can't publish at 9:00 a.m.; simply change your posting time accordingly.

9 Tips For Getting More Tiktok Exposure

Aside from posting at the correct time, there are a few other things you can do to increase the exposure of your TikTok videos. Here are some pointers:

1. Use Current Hashtags

There's nothing wrong with using popular hashtags to increase the number of people who see your videos. In fact, if used correctly, it may be a terrific way to obtain attention for your videos.

Just don't go too far with them. Use a few prominent hashtags in your video, but don't pack it with dozens of them.

Assume you're going to post a video about a new dance fad. In that instance, appropriate hashtags to consider include #dancecraze, #newdance, and #trending.

To locate popular hashtags, go to TikTok's "Trending" area or search for popular hashtags relating to your topic. You may also use Hashtagify to find trending hashtags.

2. Apply Applicable Hashtags

Use useful hashtags that describe your video material in addition to popular hashtags. People who are interested in that topic are more likely to find your video this way.

Include relevant hashtags when publishing your review on social media to improve its visibility. This can include both product-specific hashtags like #productnamereview and industry-wide hashtags like #technologyreviews or #beautyproductreviews. Additionally, you can reach a specific group of individuals who may be interested in your review by using hashtags unique to your target demographic, such as #momlife or #fitnessjunkie.

If you were evaluating a new smartphone, for example, you could use hashtags like #smartphonereview, #technologyreviews, #newreleases, #gadgetreviews, #smartphonecomparison, #smartphonetechnologies, #smartphonefeatures, and so on.

You could use hashtags like #skincarereview, #beautyproductreviews, #skincaretips, #skincareroutine, #skincaregoals, #skincarecommunity, etc. if you were evaluating a new skincare product.

By incorporating these hashtags, you may broaden the reach of your review and enhance the likelihood that it will be noticed by potential customers who are actively looking for information about the product.

Using a mix of famous and less popular hashtags can be beneficial at times. You'll gain visibility from both the broader TikTok community and people interested in your specialized topic this way.

3. Share Original And Creative Videos

This should go without saying, but it bears repeating: post unique and innovative videos. People are more inclined to watch and share your videos if they are engaging and unique in comparison to anything else available.

Originality and creativity imply: People want to see the genuine you, so don't try to be someone you're not. Being innovative with your content: Try to think of new and fascinating video ideas. Other TikTok users might provide as inspiration, but remember to put your unique twist on things. Being creative in your filming and editing: To make your films stand out, use filters, special effects, and innovative editing techniques.

4. Apply Tiktok Ads

TikTok advertisements can help you receive even more exposure for your videos. TikTok advertisements allow you to promote your videos to a larger audience on TikTok as well as other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

TikTok advertisements might be in-feed videos or brand Takeovers. On-feed videos are short, skippable advertisements that display in the TikTok feed in between other videos. Brand Takeovers are full-screen advertisements that show when a user launches an app.

TikTok advertisements are a terrific method to gain more views, but they can be costly (and, as you can see in our guide on how much TikTok pays for 1 million views, they aren't always worth it). So, if you're on a tight budget, you might want to focus on alternative ways to promote your films.

5. Partner With Other Users

Collaborating with other users is an excellent approach to increase the exposure of your videos.

You may, for example, collaborate with another user to perform a duet or create a video in which you provide your own advice on a specific problem.

Collaborating with other users is a terrific method to get your films in front of their viewers who might not have seen them otherwise. Collaboration with a prominent TikTok figure can also greatly boost your growth!

To locate collaborators, look for users that have a similar amount of followers to you or who make movies in a similar style to yours.

6. Organize A Challenge

Hosting a challenge is another excellent approach to gain awareness for your films. You design a captivating idea and invite other users to join in a TikTok challenge.

You may, for example, ask users to record themselves doing a dance routine to your music or to upload videos of themselves making a humorous imitation.

The key to hosting a successful challenge is to have a creative and original idea. You should also try to collaborate with other users or brands to help publicize the challenge.

7. Begin Live

Going live on TikTok is an excellent approach to increase the exposure of your movies. When you go live, your video appears at the top of the app, and those who follow you receive a notification that you're live.

People can comment on your video and communicate with you in real time when you're live. This is an excellent technique to engage your target audience and pique their interest in your material.

8. Examine Your Results

When you first start posting videos on TikTok, you should study your results to see what works and what doesn't.

You can accomplish this by utilizing TikTok's built-in analytics tool on the TikTok pro account, which is available to all users.

You can see how many followers, views, likes, and comments your videos are receiving, as well as other information such as average watch time and completion rate, using the TikTok analytics tool.

Analyzing your results will assist you discover what kind of material works and what doesn't with your target audience. This allows you to fine-tune your method and begin posting increasingly better videos.

9. Continue!

When publishing on TikTok, the most important thing to remember is to stick with it. The more videos you publish, the more exposure you'll get and the more likely it is that you'll become popular on TikTok.

So, if your first few videos don't generate a lot of views, don't lose up. Simply keep providing quality content, and your following will expand over time.

TikTok can be a terrific method to get your brand or business noticed. However, it is vital to note that becoming popular on TikTok takes time and work. So, don't give up and keep going!

The End Results

Posting on TikTok is an excellent technique to increase views, but it is not always simple. To increase the visibility of your videos, you should produce high-quality content, add hashtags, cooperate with other users, and hold challenges.

To be successful on TikTok, you don't have to upload at this particular moment. However, if you want to optimize your visibility, now is the time to post.

So, if you want more views on your TikTok videos, remember to post at the appropriate time, add hashtags, and experiment with some of these other suggestions.


Does Posting Time On Tiktok Matter?

Depending on your aims, the time you upload on TikTok may be important. If you want to increase your views, posting at the proper moment can help. However, if you're just looking to get your videos noticed by your fans, it may not matter when time you publish.

How Regularly Should You Post On Tiktok?

There is no hard and fast rule for how frequently you should publish on TikTok. However, if you want to gain more views, you need post at least once to three times per day.

Can Hashtags Be Used On Tiktok?

Yes, TikTok supports hashtags. Using famous hashtags can help you increase the number of views on your videos. However, it would be advantageous if you additionally included relevant and targeted hashtags to ensure that your videos are viewed by those who are interested in your material.

Should Tiktoks Be Posted At Night Or In The Morning?

The optimal time to post on TikTok will ultimately rely on your target audience's activity levels. However, you may increase your exposure by following some general recommendations.

For example, if you want to reach an adolescent audience in the United States, publish during the nighttime hours when they are most likely to use the app. If, on the other hand, you want to reach people in different time zones, you should post throughout the morning or afternoon hours.

Finally, the easiest approach to figure out when to publish on TikTok is to experiment and see what times garner the most engagement. Try posting at various times of the day and on various days of the week to determine what works best for you.

When Is The Worst Time To Use Tiktok?

Late at night or early in the morning is generally the worst time to publish on TikTok. Users are less likely to be active on the app during these times, thus your content is less likely to be viewed.

Of course, there are always exceptions - if you have a truly compelling or amusing video, it could perform well at any time of day.

However, if you want your work to be viewed by as many people as possible, avoid posting late at night or early in the morning.

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