Apex Legends Character Tier List, Ranked – The Best Legends for Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support Play

Tips on how to choose a character that best fits your playstyle. The Best Legends for Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support Play

There are four primary character classes available to choose from in Apex Legends: Offense, Defense, Support, and Recon.

Here is a ranked list of every Apex Legends tier

Based on how well we think they'd fare in a tournament setting, we've ranked each character in Emergence below.

  • S-Tier: Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibraltar
  • A-Tier: Valkyrie, Loba, Seer, Lifeline
  • B-Tier: Mirage, Horizon, Bangalore
  • C-Tier: Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, Revenant
  • D-Tier: Rampart, Crypto, Wattson, Fuse

Best Characters For Offensive Play

Characters that specialize in offense are catered to players who favor taking a more belligerent stance in the heat of battle. They frequently have skills that grant them the capacity to deliver additional damage or to travel around the area more swiftly.


A skilled soldier capable of ordering an artillery strike and using smoke grenades to mask her team's movements.

We disagree with the common belief that Bangalore is the greatest character for newcomers to Apex Legends, but he is a solid choice overall. Her Passive is where she truly shines, allowing you to engage adversaries and quickly reposition yourself in the midst of the fight. The Smoke Launcher is a terrific skill that is essential for dominating in Bangalore. You can utilize it to get out of jams, get closer to the bad guy, or hide behind while reviving a buddy.

Bangalore's biggest issue, and the reason she doesn't play at higher levels, is her subpar Ultimate performance. Because of how long it takes to really hit, adversaries have plenty of time to evade it. The harm is also weaker than before. Bangalore is better suited to an aggressive playstyle due to the fact that the vast majority of her ability kit is focused on swiftly going on engagements. Thus, we consider that this legend is better suited for mid to higher-level gamers.


Wraith is presently one of the most well-known legends with the highest win percentage, owing to her Tactical, Into the Void. The ability to become virtually indestructible for a few seconds allows you to easily weave in and out of conflicts. Wraith is likely the best Apex Legends character for initiating and avoiding team fights when combined with her Passive and Ultimate.

Wraith, on the other hand, is one of the more difficult legends to master. Her kit and playstyle revolve around making split-second decisions, being aware of the battlefield, and being unpredictable. Outwitting opponents with inventive usage of Into the Void is the key to victory in Wraith. If the opposing team can read your movements, they will quickly counter you, and the game will be finished. Be extremely aware of an opponent Bloodhound with his Ultimate active, as he will quickly pursue you if you try to flee.


An adrenaline junkie who can trade health for speed and propel himself through the air using a jump pad.

Octane is the definition of aggressive play, and a competent Octane player will always be recklessly racing ahead of his squad during battles. His Tactical and Ultimate abilities provide him with unparalleled mobility, making him the fastest legend overall. He also excels at pestering the opposing side with skirmishes and hit-and-run tactics. Furthermore, his Passive allows him to heal swiftly and repeat the process.

The trick to using Octane is to spam his Stim Tactical, which gives you superhuman speed and makes you nearly impossible to hit (as long as you keep moving). This enables you to run circles around enemy teams and get an advantage over them at the correct time. The main disadvantage is that you will be incredibly low on health, and the wrong move will frequently result in death. Octane is an excellent choice for gamers that are willing to take risks in exchange for fantastic returns.


Fuse is an intriguing legend, at least on paper. With the Grenadier Passive, he can double the damage and accuracy of grenades, even the tricky Arc Stars. Both his Tactical and Ultimate moves are powerful attacking and defensive options, able to pound weak spots and slow down oncoming foes.

However, Fuse has a few issues when put into reality. The discovery of grenades is crucial to his Passive, which is arguably his strongest talent. Lacking more of it renders it ineffective. Both Knuckle Cluster and Motherlode have respectable potency but are simple to defend against or avoid. Fuse is one of the less well-rounded legends because his equipment prioritizes damage. Because of this, you may start thinking that they are your best option for dealing damage. On the other hand, you should only rely on them when absolutely necessary and stick to your guns for damage dealing.

Best Characters the Defensive Play


Gibraltar is a gentle giant who can summon a defensive dome shield and deploy a deployable shield to protect himself and his friends.

Players who like to take a more cautious approach to the game can consider playing a defense-focused character. They frequently have powers that enable them to protect their allies or to impede the movement of the adversary.

With his stealthy Passive granting him a 15% damage reduction, this walking fortress is the greatest Apex Legends character for defensive play. Together with his other Passive ability, Gun Shield, his tankiness makes him practically invulnerable in battle.

Also, Gibraltar has one of the most flexible skill sets of any Apex Legends legend, making him a top pick. His defensive ability, Dome of Protection Tactical, is invaluable during combat since it protects your team from harm while you repair or resurrect them. However, the Defensive Bombardment is an insanely potent weapon that may be used offensively or defensively.

Even though Gibraltar plays on defense, he acts more like a captain and makes all the big decisions for the team. Winning with this character requires careful planning and coordination of his Dome of Protection and Defensive Bombardment abilities.


A smart yet vicious scientist who can create hazardous gas traps.

One of Caustic's defining traits is his ability to exert dominance over a small area. The Nox Gas is the mainstay of his arsenal and can be used in tandem with his Tactical or Ultimate. As time passes, the gas does more and more harm to enemies caught inside. His Nox Vision Passive, however, makes the gas even more effective by allowing him to see his foes even while they are hidden beneath the noxious cloud.

Caustic is best used to defend a confined area and punish attackers who are foolhardy enough to charge straight in. He's especially deadly as a contest wears on as the arena shrinks and the combatants are forced to maneuver in ever-tighter quarters. Despite his defensive bent, Caustic may be played offensively by quickly closing the gap with the enemy and spamming his Nox Gas abilities.


A clever engineer with the power to build electrified fences and deploy an ultimate ability that recharges all of her talents.

When it comes to turtling, Wattson is the finest Apex character because her entire toolkit is geared around constructing a solid defense. The Perimeter Security Tactical is her special skill, and it allows her to construct barriers that hurt or slow down foes who try to cross them. Her Interception Pylon Ultimate is an extra safeguard in case the bad guys find a way in.

While Wattson has other issues, her lack of offensive ability is the most pressing one. Using her effectively requires careful planning, an awareness of your surroundings, and a lot of patience. The fact that her abilities have short cooldowns makes it easier to spam them is also helpful.

Keep in mind that Wattson is a legendary leader who has achieved great success thanks to his team. Her defenses are no match for an oncoming three-person squad, even at full power, therefore it's safer to stick with your own team.


We consider Rampart to be one of the most difficult legends to learn, but also one of the most rewarding. Her toolkit of abilities is situational and has a high skill ceiling, thus mastering it requires a lot of tactical forethought. Rampart's signature ability is her Amped Cover Tactical, which erects a makeshift shield to protect her from incoming damage. Her Ultimate, affectionately dubbed "Sheila," works in tandem with this talent by deploying a powerful minigun at her location that anyone may utilize. At best, the benefits of her Modded Loader are marginal.

Rampart's unique ability to use a mobile fortress during fights makes her a compelling hybrid of offensive and defensive strategies. With the right use of her abilities (particularly Ultimate), she is capable of utterly annihilating opponents. Nevertheless, Rampart requires extensive coordination and conversation to be used effectively.

Best Apex Legend Characters For Support

The purpose of a support character is to provide assistance to their squad and possibly some usefulness. It's possible that they have skills that allow them to heal their teammates or provide other perks that are beneficial.


A medic on the battlefield who can drop a care package and deploy a drone to revive and heal her colleagues.

Lifeline is the best support character in Apex Legend because she is the only healer. That makes her an asset to any squad, no matter how competitive. Her D.O.C. Heal Drone Tactical is a signature ability that automatically heals herself and nearby allies. Despite nerfs to her Passive from her previous revive shield, she is still the best legend at reviving fallen allies.

Lifeline's Care Package Ultimate is the only product that falls short. It's useful in some situations and can change the game, but it seems out of character for her as a healer. Thankfully, she makes up for it with her Tactical and Passive abilities. Lifeline complements the team player like any good support character should. In combat, she must remain with her team at all times, assessing the situation to determine which of her comrades needs healing or reviving.


The fact that Loba isn't a top pick suggests that most Apex Legends players aren't aware of how helpful she can be. In a game where having the appropriate equipment makes all the difference, her ability kit can be a game-changer despite her lack of direct offensive and defensive powers. Your team will never be without weapons, armor, or ammunition thanks to her passive and ultimate.

Her tactical, burglar's best friend talent helps the team immensely in combat. Because you will be susceptible immediately after teleporting to the place, the trick to making this work is to view it as a means of repositioning rather than an escape mechanism.


Horizon's excellent repositioning allows her to blur the lines between offensive and support play. Her Gravity Lift Tactical is mostly responsible for this, as it can be used to hoist both people and objects into the air. Horizon's ability to snipe the opposing squad from above with nearly perfect accuracy is a potent one.

When used properly, her Ultimate ability, Black Hole, can be extremely effective at preventing enemies from reviving or reloading. When combined with a large number of grenades or Fuse's powers, this strategy can be used to quickly clear a room of enemies.

For Horizon to be effective, she must be able to anticipate when to use her Tactical to gain an advantage over the enemy team. Careful with the takeoff, though, as she can't strafe as much as in earlier episodes.


A smooth-talking trickster who can deceive and divert foes by using decoys.

Those who take pleasure in baffling their opponents will love this deceptive illusionist. In order to avoid or gain the upper hand against unexpected enemies, Mirage is excellent at spreading confusion. The core of Mirage's arsenal is a set of holographic decoys that look and act much like the real thing, increasing the likelihood that an adversary will mistake them for you. Now You See Me, his passive ability, transforms you into a powerful reviver that can compete with even Lifeline.

While Mirage is often thought of as a support or defensive character, playing more aggressively is the key to success when using him. His holographic decoys are an excellent technique to draw out the opponent and buy your team precious seconds to deal with them. Playing a mental game with your target by racing toward your decoys before swiftly reversing course and firing is another option.


It's interesting to learn about the mythology of Revenant, who possesses a wide range of abilities. First of all, the Stalker Passive he has makes him a decent fighter or scout due to his outstanding mobility and strafing abilities. It is crucial to master crouch-strafing and unpredictable movement if you want to improve your offensive success with Revenant.

Revenant's Tactical and Ultimate, though, make him flourish in a supporting role. By neutralizing powerful enemy abilities like the D.O.C. Drone from Lifeline or the Dome of Protection from Gibraltar, Silence is a good first move. If your opponent lacks these game-changing skills, the odds of victory shift in your favor.

The Death Totem Ultimate, however, is a revolutionary development. By using Death Totem on your team's most dangerous attacker, you can have them dole out damage, die, then come back to life before the other side has a chance to recover. Protection against a Death Totem confers extraordinary power on an Octane.

Apex Legend’s Best Characters For Recon And Scouting Missions

The primary objective of recon characters is to collect intel and pass that knowledge along to their comrades. It's possible that they have powers that let them scout out opposing positions or follow the movement of enemy players.


A techno-hunter who can detect and trace recent enemy activity.

When it comes to the highest levels of Apex Legends competition, Bloodhound is one of the most consistently played legends. The reason is that his extensive skill set in locating and hunting down prey makes him the most effective scout in the game's roster.

Get a feel for the terrain by first studying his Passive, which reveals where his foes have been. Use his Tactical to search the area after you have reason to believe they are around (be careful as this gives your position away). Now is the time to use your Ultimate and go after them.

Bloodhound's versatility makes him a good pick for both newcomers and seasoned players because of his versatility in both offense and defense. More advanced levels, however, call for a more aggressive strategy. The most important thing to remember when using Bloodhound is to constantly be prepared and to put your skills to good use.


The tenth season's newest addition, Seer, is a formidable rival to the current Apex greatest legend in scouting and reconnaissance. His exceptional revealing powers allow you to locate your foes with ease, regardless of their hiding place. However, a great deal of talent is required to perfect such powers.

His tactical and ultimate techniques both make use of little aircraft to scout for and disclose adversaries. Seer's problem is figuring out a creative way to launch them. For instance, his Tactical exposes foes in a horizontal plane and interrupts their skills. His Ultimate Showpiece, Exhibit, makes use of the same informing drones but spreads their coverage over a bigger sphere. The secret to mastering Seer is careful aiming and understanding when to employ these skills.

Seer isn't just great at seeing and eliminating foes in the backlines; he's also great at his recon job. However, you'll need to play aggressively, and Seer's absence of an escape ability means you'll need to be strategic.


The biggest benefit of Valkyrie is her ability to move about freely. Her repositioning abilities with the VTOL Jetpack Passive are superior to those of the Pathfinder's grappling hook. However, you can't shoot or do anything else while in the air, so be strategic about how you use it.

Skyward Dive, her Ultimate, allows her entire squad to relocate to any point on the map by launching them and then diving beneath the surface. In a team fight, the offensive Missile Swarm Tactical can be relied upon to delay and stun the opposition.

Despite the fact that her jetpacks allow her to position herself and scout the battlefield with pinpoint accuracy, she is extremely vulnerable when in flight and so cannot act as a skirmisher on her own. As a result, she is fantastic at starting conversations while accompanying your team.


A friendly robot with a grappling hook that can quickly travel the map and an ultimate ability that exposes the location of the next ring.

As a recon specialist, Pathfinder relies heavily on his grappling hook to quickly ascend to strategic heights. Additionally, it allows you to enter restricted areas where only other legends have previously been. His Ultimate grants his teammates even more freedom of movement by providing them with a zipline.

Pathfinder excels in the reconnaissance function because of its emphasis on forerunning challenges and seizing chances. Unfortunately, this means he may be separated from the rest of his squad in the event of an emergency. That's why a proficient Pathfinder player is quick and agile, and his grappling hook is his go-to weapon. Although it may take some time to master, doing so will greatly benefit your Pathfinder game.


A hacker who can gather information and disrupt hostile equipment using a drone.

At first appearance, a crypto expert would seem to be the perfect recon protagonist. A specialty of his is the Surveillance Drone Tactical, which he may use to keep himself out of harm's path while piloting a drone. By using the Drone EMP Ultimate, he can cause harm to neighboring players and disable traps.

The fact that he can't move and is defenseless even while at his most powerful is his biggest drawback. Therefore, it is crucial to plan ahead when employing Crypto; ensure that you are in a secure location or under the protection of a teammate before taking control of your drone. Drone control skills are also crucial for being proficient with this protagonist.

Each character has their own distinct personality and backstory, which is revealed in the game through voice lines and character interaction.

Choosing the Right Character

Tips on how to choose a character that best fits your playstyle

When choosing a character in Apex Legends, it's important to consider your own personal playstyle and what role you want to fill in your team. Do you prefer to take a more aggressive approach to combat, or do you prefer to play defensively and support your teammates? Do you like to gather intel and provide information to your team, or do you prefer to focus on healing and protecting your allies?

One tip for choosing a character that best fits your playstyle is to try out all of the available characters and see which ones you enjoy playing the most. Each character has their own unique abilities and playstyle, so it's worth experimenting with a few different ones to see which one feels the most comfortable and effective for you.

It's also important to consider the role that your character will play in your team composition. A well-rounded team will typically have a mix of offense, defense, support, and recon characters, so it's helpful to choose a character that complements the abilities of your teammates. For example, if your team already has a lot of offense characters, it might be a good idea to choose a character with more defensive abilities to balance things out.

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